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Create actionable business intelligence from MRO data to realize cost savings.

Forging a new path in indirect materials master data management.

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Is your data smart?

Empower master data management — a more intelligent methodology. Learn more about the DATAForge solution.

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Regain control of your data.

Does your organization have a strategy to reduce indirect materials spend? Discover your potential savings.

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Reduce indirect material spend by 15%.

The DATAForge web-based catalog tool powers the real-time reporting of verified, cleansed and enriched item records.

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Master Data Management For:

Big Three automaker saves tens of millions with DATAForge.

By implementing the DATAForge solution, the automaker saved $3.2 million in material purchases at one plant location and more than $62 million company-wide. The DATAForge solution has been adopted as the automaker’s global standard used on every product launch.

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Rethink Your Data Management Methodology

Develop your data action plan to decrease indirect materials spend.

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