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Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM) is the driving force necessary to implement cost reduction and cost avoidance opportunities for any business.

DATAForge™ LLC unlocks that opportunity. While traditional MDM solutions revolve around a one dimensional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software oriented system, the DATAForge™ LLC solution utilizes data cleansing, profiling and MDM tools coupled with client specific business processes. Methodology and data governance policies are designed to manage all product information enterprise wide starting with engineering, facilities management, manufacturing, purchasing, plant floor maintenance and inventory management supporting your existing ERP, CMMS and other software investments.

In other words DATAForge™ LLC Product Information Management (PIM) Strategies result in a visible managed inventory enabling part sharing among all facilities corporate wide, standardized item descriptions and verification of all item master data with the original manufacturer of the item to be added to the Master Data Repository.

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