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Choosing the Right MRO Data Service

Determining which indirect materials data services your company needs can be a complicated process. DATAForge can help guide you in the right direction.

Do I need UNSPSC Classification or Dats Enrichment

How Do I Know Which MRO Data Service My Company Needs?

Do you need a UNSPSC code assigned? Do you have an internal purchasing category that you need mapped to another classification taxonomy? Do you need your data cleansed, enriched, or fully verified? Do you need more than one of these services? Which combination? These are all good questions. Problem is; there is no simple answer, nor one-size fits-all solution. Determining which data services your company needs can be a complicated process. Likely, you will need to get multiple people involved from different departments and might even require high-level approval to access your data. Let us help guide you in the right direction.

UNSPSC Classification for Spend Analysis

UNSPSC Code Classification

Simple UNSPSC code classification is the quickest- and often times least costly- way to gain insight into where your MRO spend dollars are going. In many cases, we can classify the majority of your items to a UNSPSC code without doing any type of cleanse or enrichment. This would be a worthwhile option for a company that has significant budgetary restrictions and less concern for existing data quality, but would still like to achieve a basic level of spend analysis.

Purchasing Category Mapping

Custom Purchasing Category Mapping

DATAForge can map your company's purchasing categories to a noun schema and perform a basic description classification of your indirect material items. This allows you to have all your MRO items classified to your own purchasing categories in the most cost efficient manner possible on an ongoing basis. This is another good option for a company that has budgetary restrictions, and less overall concern for existing data quality, but wants to ensure both legacy and newly purchased items are classified and mapped correctly.

Indirect Materials Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment offers a favorable cost to benefit ratio for those organizations that want to improve the quality of their MRO materials data. UNSPSC classification and purchasing category assignment are great ways to help identify where your MRO spend is going, but they do not significantly improve the structure and consistency of your data.  A data enrichment project typically includes standardization of manufacturer data, identification of item classes with a noun and modifier combination, technical attribute population, unit of measure standardization, long and short item descriptions and includes classification to the UNSPSC.

Data enrichment is what we consider our middle of the road data service. The enrichment process involves taking the raw source data and going out into the internet to use vendor catalogs, online websites, and catalog files to acquire and verify additional information to be used in the item descriptions. Sourcing information such as manufacturer or supplier URLs can also be provided if needed. This allows us to enhance the data in a fashion that just isn’t possible using a software program alone. This is the best option for a client who knows they have major data governance issues but also doesn’t have a large budget or a long timeline for project completion.  Data enrichment is a process that can be completed quickly while still providing a high level of much needed governance and standardization.

Indirect Materials Enrichment with Verification

Data Enrichment with Verification

The DATAForge Data Enrichment with Verification Solution is our top level service offering. This is a good option for companies who have major issues that arise from their poor data quality. Wrong parts, unavailable parts, plant down time, as well as wasted resources- are all examples of problems that can plague a company that ignores data quality. The full data enrichment with verification offering features all of the aformentioned services, plus manual verification on the items we are unable to locate through our standard processes. Using our network of thousands of supplier and manufacturer contacts, DATAForge will reach out on your behalf to acquire the highest level description possible as well as receiving verification of purchasability on these items. 

The DATAForge Enrichment with Verification solution has helped some of the biggest companies in the world save as much as 15 percent annually on their indirect materials spend. This in-depth service offering is perfect for large companies who understand the value of having superior MRO data, along with the willingness to invest in the quality of their future data. Using the information DATAForge provides, companies are able to renegotiate purchasing contracts and keep their plants up and running in a smooth and efficient manner. In addition, this service offering features a streamlined process that uses less of your own internal resources to maintain the integrity of your investment in data quality. For more information, contact DATAForge.

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