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Classifying MRO/Indirect Materials to the UNSPSC

UNSPSC Classification

Classifying the items that comprise your indirect spend into logical categories is a basic first step towards leveraging your data for cost savings. Knowing what types of materials you buy, how much of them, at which locations and from what suppliers can help you analyze, forecast and plan your spend. However, this can be a difficult task when the quality of the source data is poor, making it hard to discern what the item is and how it should be categorized.

DATAForge can help. As part of our Master Data Management service offerings, we can classify your indirect items to the UNSPSC.

  • The UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Products and Services Code) is an open, global and multi-sector standard used to classify products and services.
  • Our team can rapidly analyze your item descriptions, quickly assess the nature of the items and assign each the correct UNSPSC Segment, Family, Class and Commodity codes.
  • DATAForge has the capacity to accurately process thousands of items per day, making your projects both time and cost-effective.


Classifying MRO Items to Internal Purchasing Categories or Material Groups

In addition to the UNSPSC standard, DATAForge can also help you classify your indirect material items to internal purchasing categories and material groups. Companies often establish their own internal categories or groups of like items, only to find that over time or through acquisitions, the number of categories becomes overpopulated and diluted. DATAForge has the experience and resources to help you identify and bring visibility to your MRO items types.

How it Works

Simply contact us with the number of items you would like to have classified for a quote detailing pricing and lead time.

  • Once approved, submit your item records to us and we will begin the classification work.
  • DATAForge utilizes a network of trusted global partners, backed by our experienced project management team in the United States.
  • Upon completion of your items, a file containing your information as-submitted alongside the corresponding UNSPSC Segment, Family, Class and Commodity Codes will be provided.

 An example item submission before classification:

Submitted Supplier or Manufacturer Submitted Part or Item Number  Submitted Item Description

 The same item, classified to the UNSPSC:

Submitted Supplier or Manufacturer Submitted Part or Item Number Submitted Item Description UNSPSC Segment/Segment Title UNSPSC Family/Family Title UNSPSC Class/Class Title UNSPSC Commodity/Commodity Title
KRIZ-DAVIS CO ALLEN BRADLEY 700-HK36Z24 BLD RLY 5PIN 24VDC 39000000/ Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies 39120000/ Electrical Equipment and Components and Supplies 39122300/ Electrical Relays and Accessories 39122325/ General Purpose Relay


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