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Indirect Materials Data Cleansing and Enrichment

MRO Data Cleansing and Enrichment

The DATAForge MRO data cleansing and enrichment service gives manufacturers both a time and cost efficient solution for greatly improving the quality of their indirect materials data. The DATAForge data enrichment service delivers a consistent structure and imparts value by further enhancing the usability of your indirect materials data.


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DATAForge's data enrichment service features:

  • Standardization of Manufacturer Data
  • Identification of Noun/Noun, Modifier Combination
  • Research-Driven Technical Attribute Population
  • Standardized Unit of Measure
  • Item Short Description
  • Item Long Description
  • UNSPSC Classification
  • Source URLs
  • Duplicate Item Flagging
  • Standardized Flat Export File (custom export file mapping is available)

Backed by DATAForge MDM technology and our global team of indirect materials experts, we can process thousands of records per day, completing your project quickly and accurately.

 See the Results

Interested in seeing how DATAForge can improve your indirect materials data? Click the button below to download a spreadsheet of sample MRO item data before and after the enrichment process.




Getting Started

Simply contact us with the number of items you would like to have enriched for a quote detailing pricing and lead time.

  • Once approved, submit your item records to us and we will begin the enrichment work.
  • DATAForge utilizes a network of trusted global partners, backed by our experienced project management team in the United States.
  • Upon completion, a file containing your information as-submitted alongside the newly enriched data will be provided back to you.


Let's talk about data enrichment 

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