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Schema Tool from DATAForge

Data governance for MRO and indirect materials made accessible.

Data Governance for MRO Master Data

DATAForge’s Schema Tool was created to address a critical feature lacking in most ERP systems, rules for indirect materials data governance. While these systems do a good job of storing data, users are typically on their own to create rules for how indirect materials data is structured.

Data governance rules are critical for indirect materials data management for several reasons:

  • A data governance schema is necessary to accurately describe MRO items so they can be uniquely identified for purchasing, as well as to determine functional replacements and to compare like items.  
  • Consistent formatting and structuring ensures that the materials data is uniform, interchangeable and retains value from system to system.
  • Structuring materials data to a classification system, such as the UNSPSC allows you to evaluate your indirect spend dollars.


Benefits of MRO Data Governance

Consistently Describe Indirect Materials and MRO Data

Schema Tool from DATAForge provides indirect and MRO materials data governance guidelines not typically provided in most ERP, EAM and CMM systems.  

Schema Tool is a web-based technical dictionary application that allows you and members of your team to define the rules of how your indirect and MRO materials data should be structured. You can use the sample item classes and attributes provided, or create your own. Generate exports to send for review or import for use within your systems. With Schema Tool, indirect materials data governance is now accessible to everyone.

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Data governance for indirect materials

Get Started Fast with Pre-Populated Item Classes

When you subscribe to Schema Tool, getting started is easy with over 2,000 common MRO items pre-populated and ready-to-use or customize to your requirements.

Create indirect materials item classes

Define Your Items with Consistent Technical Accuracy

Schema Tool also features access to over 2,500 pre-defined descriptive attributes. Ensure your items are described with the proper technical attributes every time to ensure positive identification and data uniformity.

Describe Your Indirect Materials Accurately

Collaborate Across Your Enterprise

Tired of working from spreadsheets and making sure everyone on the team has the latest copy? DATAForge has you covered. With Schema Tool, the latest revisions to your work are always available and secure at Everyone on the team can log in and work together from a single unified platform.

Create Your Schema and Share Across Your Enterprise

Fully Customizable for Your Business

Adding non-standard, purpose-built, modified items or purchased equipment is simple using Schema Tool. You can easily add new item classes and assign specific descriptive attributes. Your data, with your governance. Available on-demand at

Add New Custom MRO Items

Assign Properties to Your MRO Items

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