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Schema Tool from DATAForge

Data governance for MRO and indirect materials made accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Q: Why should we use Schema Tool?

A: Schema Tool addresses a critical feature lacking in most ERP systems, rules for indirect materials data governance. While these systems do a good job of storing data, users are typically on their own to create rules for how indirect materials data is structured. Schema Tool gives you the ability to create these rules, either from scratch or from thousands of pre-populated templates.

Q: Where is the value to us?

A: The value to you rests in a couple different places: (1) cleaner data is more valuable data – Schema Tool allows you to accurately describe MRO items so they can be uniquely identified for purchasing, (2) framework – most ERP systems don’t have a set of pre-loaded or available governance rules, and (3) time management - you can tap into our decades of experience in data cleansing and enrichment without having to spend the same amount of time getting that experience!

Q: What’s included with the Schema Tool?

A: During the 30-day free trial, you will have access to a copy of our core schema, as well as the ability to create schemas unique to your preference(s) or industry. Our subscription package also includes schema export capability.

Q: Is it secure?

A: Yes. Schema Tool is hosted in a secure server environment. Traffic between browsers on the user’s desktop and the Schema Tool is encrypted with SSL 256 bits. This is the same best practice encryption used in all common online banking services.

Q: That’s great! Can I use the Schema Tool with my colleagues?

A: Yes, Schema Tool was designed to enable and promote collaboration. Based on client requests, we do not currently have a limitation on the number of users per company.

Q: Ok, I’ve got my log-in and password and am ready to start my 30-day free trial. What if we need help using the Schema Tool?

A: Either call us at 866.364.3370 or email us at We’ll be glad to support you as you get started and answer any questions you may have along the way.  

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