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The DATAForge Process.

Our process is a methodical, client requirement-driven approach that has proven to reduce millions in indirect material spend. It leverages enterprise-wide master data to deliver cost savings through the assessment, development and implementation of standardized processes and master data management.

DATAForge incorporates smart data management and paperless processing tools—the foundation of clean, accurate long-term item processing. The solution also tracks and references millions of corrections, enabling our team to efficiently manage large volumes of data and eliminate manual processing.

The end product: Easy-to-access and extensible spare part information offering the most up-to-date information including part number, manufacturer, item number equipment location, as well as business intelligence reports detailing duplication, obsolesce and more. 

The result: Realized savings in cost, time and resources across your company.

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Effectively achieve department goals with DATAForge.

From unsearchable part information to overspend on unnecessary indirect materials, DATAForge can fix problems across enterprise departments.

Teams DATAForge works closely with to achieve department and company goals include: 

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Industries We Serve

We created DATAForge to serve companies that spend a significant portion of their annual budget on indirect materials.

Industries we specialize in include:

  • Transportation, automotive and rail
  • Oil and gas production
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Healthcare
  • Heavy machinery and equipment
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical and medical equipment

Rethink Your Data Management Methodology

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