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DATAForge Enables Strategic Management for Engineers.

Our intelligent indirect materials master data management is more than convenient—it’s effective.

From strategic management of maintenance, inventory and bill of material revisions, to local and global views across your organization, DATAForge supports every aspect of engineering strategies 

Covering every step in the process (think: drawing revisions and spare parts lists), our solution makes engineering planning faster, easier and more effective.


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Support engineering planning with DATAForge.

Engineering teams utilize local and organizational master data views across departments to plan accordingly. And, pre-cleansed data implemented in drawing libraries and spare parts data standardization accelerates the planning process.



Improve team efficiencies and effectiveness.

  • Classification of perishable spare and non-spare parts.
  • Auto-extract of spare part information from bill of materials at design phase to pre-verify and structure parts data for purchasing prior to launch
  • Strategic management of bill of material revisions levels.
  • The possibilities for increased efficiencies and effective spare parts management are endless.

Reduce inventory with standardization.

Pre-cleansed data and common data components within the system empower engineers to construct standardized designs. This, combined with managing drawing revisions within the DATAForge solution, reduces duplicate and obsolete inventory.

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