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DATAForge for Executive Leadership.

Company-wide visibility of indirect material spend data enables executives to analyze, strategically plan and budget. The result? Your organization is able to cut costs and positively impact the bottom line.

Need proof? A Big Three automaker saved $3.2 million at one plant location and more than $62 million company-wide by implementing the DATAForge solution. Now, that automaker has adopted the process as a global standard on every product launch.


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Manage costs strategically with DATAForge.

With DATAForge, leaders can strategically manage indirect material spend, view potential cost avoidance, reduce excess inventory and boost the bottom line. Utilizing master and local views of indirect material data, it’s never been easier to see the impact of master data management.



Standardize data to minimize unnecessary costs.

Data standardization enables consolidated, real-time history of all purchases driving smarter procurement decisions. Conformance to organizational data standards minimizes spending on unnecessary indirect materials and improves the accessibility of the data as well as extensibility across internal systems.


Reduce spend with data visibility.

Master and local views of company material data allow executive leadership to view individual component data and enterprise-wide information. And more transparency reduces excess spend and inventory.

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